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প্রথম পাতাঃফিচারHow to know if your SIM is free

How to know if your SIM is free

Mobile phone operators sold FourG SIM. Besides, those who have also replaced SIM, they also got from the operators, FourG SIM. But even before those who have bought SIM, only know that your SIM is completely mobile. How do you know?

Mobile phone operators have started messaging options to verify whether your SIM is mobile. So you can send SMS to the operator concerned to know whether your SIM is mobile or not. It is also possible to know whether the phone sets will support FourG SIM simultaneously as well as phone sets.

Robi: Subscriber phone keypad or dial * 123 * 44 #, option and press the button to dial the number of the SMS reply is, whether LTE SIM and set. Airtel: Borrowers 4G LTE handset of 5000 to find out whether the SMS. GP: phone keypad or dial * 121 * 3232 # option and write down the dial button can be used to return message, whether LTE handset. Besides, who wants to change the SIM card, they can exchange for money LTE SIM. But the GP STAR Customers will be able to change the SIM card free of cost.

The company: corporate customers send an SMS message to 5000 option and 4G will be the return message, whether LTE handset. TBL: 111 SMS message sending a return message option and 4G will be notified in writing, whether or not LTE handset.

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