Now the mobile set will be registered!

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Agency (BTRC) has said that every handset 
will be registered under mobile phone management system. In this, the handset will 
be registered as customers' SIM card. 
He said that this process will be started in three steps. 
First Step: Keep valid Phone Identity Firstly, a valid phone database will be created 
with respect to the 15-digit independent IMEI number locally and the locally available 
handsets are imported in Bangladesh and locally the mobile phones are being assembled 
or produced. When people go to buy mobile phones, they will know by the IMEI number 
of the set that their set is valid or illegal. If you have more than one set, then the 
name will be registered in the same name as the SIM SIM activated in the second set. 
There will be no SIM in that set. That means a set will be registered with the name of 
one. Thus, a separate database of different operators will be completed. What to do 
when the sale is sold or lost? If someone wants to sell or sell their registered set 
to anyone, then it will have to re-register the set. In that case, the handset will 
have to be registered in the name of the person who will set the name. Besides, if 
your phone is lost or stolen, then the company will lock my phone by identifying my 
identity. No one can use your phone anywhere.

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